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Maidannik Vitaliy Grigorjevich - full member of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, elected 13.09.10 by occupation in pediatrics, Doctor of Mediсal Sciences (1989), Professor (1991), Honoured Physician of Ukraine (2001), laureate of State Premium of Ukraine in science and technique (2009), head of the Pediatric Department (1990) vice-rector (1994-2000), dean of medical faculty (2005-2010) of the A.A. Bohomolets National Medical University of Ukraine.

Being an outstanding scientist and pediatrician , specialist in the sphere of pediatric nephrology, he has made a considerable contribution into the study of pathogenesis and development of new techniques of diagnosing and treatment of children microbial inflammatory diseases of urinary system. V.Maidannik has ascertained the leading role of structural-functional violation of membranes and bioenergetics of immunocompetent cells in the formation of immunodeficiency in pyelonephritis. He was the first to study in details the role of fibronectin, prostaglandin, immune complexes, as well as their composition and physico-chemical properties in cases of microbial-inflammatory damage of kidney parenchyma, which allowed to supplement the classification of children pyelonephritis and to put forward an original concept of its pathogenesis. He has grounded and worked out new methods of diagnosing and cure for pyelonephritis, that are widely brought into clinical practice. On his initiative, in 1998, the first department of chronic hemodialysis was created, which permitted to improve considerably the delivery of health care to those, who suffer from renal impairment.

Being the initiator of study of vegetative nervous system disorders and peculiarities of the course of psychosomatic children diseases, he has suggested a new classification of them, established the Children Vegetologists School and Centre for Diagnosing and Treatment of Children Vegetative Disorders (since 1990). He was involved in the development of highly sensitive electronic microstethoscope and a computer system of sound analysis, which has given the possibility to create polychromatic respirosonograms and, in its turn, to optimize the diagnosing of children respiratory diseases.

Author of 545 scientific works, including 25 monographs, 6 textbooks and 12 handbooks. He owns 3 inventor’s certificates and 27 patents for invention. Has trained 3 Doctors of Medical Sciences and 37 Candidates of Medical Science.

Member of the board of the Association of Pediatricians of Ukraine, vice-president of the Association of Pediatricians of Ukraine and member of the International Association of children nephrologists, head of the Federation of Pediatricians of the CIS countries, principal pediatrician of the Senior Management of Healthcare and Medical Provision of the Kiev Municipal State Administration, chief editor of the medical magazine “Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology”, member of editorial boards in a number of professional magazines.

The most essential scientific works: «Fundamentals of pediatric nephrology» (2002), «Tubulointerstitial kidney diseases in children» (2002), «Glomerural kidney diseases in children» (2002), «Modern macrolides (Pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and clinical use)» (2002), «Psychotherapy in pediatrics» (2003), «Primary arterial hypertension in childhood and adolescence» (2007), «Diseases of esophagus, stomach and duodenum in children» (2008), «Diseases of intestine in children» (2009), «Diseases of the digestive system in children» (2010).

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